Many Thanks

I would like to take a moment to show my sincere gratitude to the following children’s literary organizations, foundations, businesses and people who made this book possible.
These folks perform miracles every day and I always find myself in a state of awe when I witness such wonderful acts of kindness. I’d like to shine a light on them as a token of my respect and admiration.

First and foremost, I’d like to thank my very talented artist and illustrator, Emma J Wright. Her imagination was inspiring and she always surprised me with new ideas. She’s always a joy to work. Instagram: @emjsart
Emma resides in Australia.

I’d like to acknowledge the following book donation progams which I was honored to donated.

Book Donation Programs:
Lisa’s Libraries:
First Book:
Read to Grow:

Supporting member of the following children’s literacy programs:
Reading is fundamental:

Endeavor Foundation for the Arts
San Francisco, CA. The Literacy Empowerment Foundation:

Last and most importanatly, I would like to thank my husband Mike who always beliefe in me and the magic of fairy tales.

The Magic Christmas Pinecone

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