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E.L Ferriter Jr. was born in the Berkshires.
The combination of its historic architecture encompassed by an enchanting rural backdrop, provided the inspiration for this lovely fairy tale.

He spent his early adulthood completing his education. Upon graduation, he was offered a job with the airlines. He embraced the opportunity. He traveled the world on a quest to see its wonders and experience the diversity of its cultures.

After a life-threatening illness, he retired from his long-held career and started writing. He is a strong advocate not only for formal education but self-education and believes everyone has the ability to learn something new. He supports children’s literacy programs and donates his books to schools and programs in need. He has sense returned to college to further his education and continues his writing.

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He is happily married and currently living in California.

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From The Author

Hello and thank you for visiting my page.
I'd like to start by giving you a brief history of this story.
Afetr all, what is a writer but a means to give a story wing.

This story began as most stories do, from an afternoon of Christmas storytelling.
Most families have holiday traditions and storytelling is one of ours. As I gathered the children by the fire, I remembered a special pinecone from my childhood and began to tell this story. Once I had finished, I was amazed at the children’s reaction.

"They were enchanted."

I can still remember that day and it always warms my heart.

At the time, I was busy with other projects but something about it stuck. I kept the story in the back of my mind because of the profound impact it made, not only on the children but myself as well.
And there it waited for twenty long years…

Now most folks would say, “That’s it.”
After all, most stories would have died of neglect or simply faded from memory, but this one had a life of its own. I was constantly getting little reminders which kept it alive. Strange fortuitous meetings or serendipitous events. Then one day it happened. In 2007, I wrote the original manuscript which became the children’s picture book published in 2019 and the companion to the novel published some time earlier in 2015.

“What, a novel before a picture book?”
Many would say, this is a case of the carriage before the horse and I’m inclined to agree. I must confess, the novel was never a vision of mine but life always has funny twists and turns. This, just one of them.

The first of these twists was the day I was asked to do reading for a professional concept artist and animator. After I had finished, he stated that this story was an animated movie. I was flattered but just wanted concept art to complete some agent submissions. He happily agreed but none of the submissions were picked up.
I guess you could say, it was time to get out the shovel and put it to rest. I lovingly placed in on the shelf and did just that.

Then came twist number two…
A year later, I was attending an art event and joked about the story with someone I had just met. It just so happened, he was a screen play writer and asked for a reading. After which, he stated that the animator was right and he strongly encouraged me to write a screen play. This eventually led to the novel and a grant to publish it.
It’s crazy, many times the story simply fell to the wayside then suddenly got unexpected interest. I've honestly come to believe it has a life of its own.

Is the journey complete? I don’t know but I am curious to find out. As you can see,
it's always full of surprises.

The Magic Christmas Pinecone

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